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Woman Finds Out She's Being Two-Timed All From a Simple Instagram Post

People should really know better than to post photos on social media.

Uh oh! @Museum of Neon Lights shared a short but sweet video of when someone messaged her because she realized she was being cheated on...and she found out from a simple Instagram post on Museum's page!

The video is only 5 seconds long, but it's 5 seconds that's enough to get it. Museum shows a green screen with her phone, and a message that someone sent to her. We're wondering if she replied back to that person yet!

The message reads, "Hello, I was looking through Instagram and saw the couple you posted on Dec. 4 is the same guy I've been dating for two months. Do you happen to know the girl's @? I would prefer to ask her the extent of their relationship, so I don't get lied to by him." We have so many questions! Did she message the other person back? Did she give up the girl's name? Did she confront the two-timer? Inquiring minds want to know!

We weren't alone. @Hannah comments, "Not me running to your Insta looking for a post from Dec.4!" to which Museum replied back, "I took it down to avoid additional drama lol" Smart move! Several commenters, like @Suman Asif simply said, "Help her!" @Mrs. Heck agreed with, "You must share. Girl code." @Landyn notices, "“I would prefer to ask her the extent of their relationship…” Most of the time people casually hooking up don’t take photos together, IDK!" @Mehawwww advises, "If I suspect someone I’m dating is seeing someone else and even have photos as evidence….leave it alone. Block. I don’t message anyone. Drama." @Carolina Renn felt the same way, "If they’re getting photos together, they’ve been together longer than 2 months so…end it."

@Magneticchaos isn't wrong when she says, "Professionally that’s not her business. Ma’am do your own dirty work." She's got a point. But we still want an update!

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