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Inspiring Message About Traveling After Divorce Is So Powerful

Don't wait for someone else to enjoy your life.

Traveling alone can be a scary idea, especially if you've been in a long-term relationship and are used to traveling with someone else all of the time. @prettydelicious4u (Kimberley) recently shared a powerful TikTok explaining why you should learn to travel alone.

In the video, Kimberley explains that she's been divorced for 7 years. She said she spent way too much time home alone, browsing social media and drinking wine, and being lonely. She branched out and started to travel alone, and what she's learned from it is pretty powerful, not only if you're single, but for everyone.

Wow, right? She's built confidence, she's learned how to be by herself, she's learned how to meet people. She has learned to appreciate life without depending on the reliance of being with somebody else. 

So many commenters agreed with her! @FierceStorm1 says, "I just started traveling alone I love it!" @Brendan - Brisbane asks, "What a great insight…. Where do you travel?" @Jimmerz57 shares, "I needed to hear this." @Jamie is honest when she says, "Oh my gosh, you just spoke about my life. 45 going through a divorce and I feel so alone. Thank you for this." @Healthy RQ says, "Doing the same - trips, hikes, just doing stuff myself, loving myself first and foremost." And @Scosimon shares, "Wow, thanks for the advice. I’m in that sitting at home drinking wine feeling empty phase, two and a half years after divorce at 55 y/o."

Kimberley even has an invitation for viewers, "Want to take your first step? Come ALONE to my Spiritual/Wellness Retreat in January 2023." We wonder how many people will take her up on that offer!

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