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Therapist Explains the Trauma That's Caused by Narcissistic Abuse

As awareness around Narcissistic Personality Disorder and symptomatic behaviors continues to rise, so does the understanding of the traumatic effects that victims suffer as a result. Many continuously strive to learn more about their emotions and actions, and essentially, why we are the way we are, and some people may come to find a shocking discovery - that they have endured narcissistic abuse. 

In this clip, TikToker and trauma psychotherapist @mia_amini breaks down what they trauma can look like, and how it affects one's current behavior and well-being. Let's just say, it's very eye-opening! 

This all makes so much sense. Many people know what it's like to be anxious all the time and constantly have those fight or flight responses going off at the drop of a hat, and you think to yourself, what's that all about? It may be trauma. 

Many viewers are resonating with the advice as well, and some seem to be coming to a new enlightening around their trauma. User @denisehomeijer says, "Is this why I’m exhausted all the time? Makes sense. Thank you!" and @jen00118 adds, "This is crazy. I’ve been doing the healing work and just want to nap all the time. Was thinking something was wrong!!"

One user, @12345alekshri, recalls a specific experience. "I remember this every time I go to a job site and it’s loud it would freak me the heck out I was wondering what was going on until I realized it," and @samkelli12 says, "I remember the exhaustion after going no contact. I didn’t eat. I barely slept because I was afraid. But one day I finally slept, and it’s easier."

If certain symptoms hit home to something you've experienced, just know that healing is possible, so please don't hesitate to reach out for professional help if you often find yourself struggling. 

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