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Bride's 'Tower of Terror' Disney Wedding Is Nothing Short of Epic

All we can say is, wow!

This is either one of those things people love or hate. And if you're a Disney fan, you'll probably have an opinion about this!

@Kartsie shares a video of a groom and bride who went for a destination wedding and decided to get married in front of Disney's 'Tower of Terror'. We think the bride looks absolutely gorgeous, and love their unconventional style. What do you think?

We are huge fans of the black wedding dress and the dark theme! And we weren't alone. @Trina hayes says, "Disney wedding but in a GOTH WAY." @lumOS.nox shares, "Not to be dramatic, but I would DIE for this experience." @Chancing and many others exclaimed, "Gorgeous!" @Secondstarcollective and many others also said, "OBSESSED!" @Theresa Pas says, "This is so iconic." And @Liz<3 admits, "I would literally do this but now it’s the fricken Guardians of the Galaxy ride." We love @Catherine Enters-Trimber's comment, "Only way I'm getting married is in a black dress on the front steps of the Haunted Mansion by an officiant who sounds like the ghost host." We liked @Dylan K's idea, "But the wedding starts at like 3am."

@3pl8z wondered, "Confused why there are 2 dresses??" Others had the same question. @Bissilifeandodie did too, "Did she do two dresses? One in white and one in black?" @Kristina begs, "Pleassssse post the final photos OMG!" @Freddy Fazbear asked the question we all want to know, "Where are the pictures from the bride and the rest of the wedding attendants in the tower dropping?!" Yes! That's what we want to see! Please post an update!

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