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Toddler's Precious Reaction to Seeing Mom in Her Wedding Dress Is Everything

A woman's wedding day is perhaps one of the leading moments when she feels her most beautiful. As she excitedly slips into her gown, she anticipates the look on everyone's faces as she walks down the aisle. One bride gets an extra special treat when her young son sees his mom in a wedding dress for the first time. 

In this clip shared by @marcusrusbournemedia, this small boy can't hold back the smiles when he sees his beautiful mom make her grand appearance during the ceremony. This will definitely be the cutest thing you'll see all day!

This is just too cute! That little boy is obviously overjoyed, and how adorable is it that father and son look just alike?! You know your family loves you when they just can't wipe the smiles off their faces. 

It looks like commenters agree as well.  User @8jesswilliams says, "Even at his small age he realizes how special the moment is omg." Another commenter, @camietpeckham says, "I love when fathers say the mother of their child is beautiful in front of the child." Yes! Children understand when their parents truly have love for one another. User @heyheyitscaito notices, "The dad and the son are looking at the mum the EXACT same way." Seriously though, that kid is a mini version of his father. 

Kids love seeing their parents looking beautiful and happily in love. This little boy is elated because he knows his mom feels great and having her moment to shine. This proves that even toddlers are aware of undeniable beauty and happiness when they see it. 

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