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Dad's Joke About TikTok Failing As a Dating Site Is Priceless

He'll probably have women beating down his door after this.

If you're on your FYP on TikTok for more than 5 minutes, you'll stumble across a bunch of posts claiming that TikTok is the newest, hottest, dating site. But @tireddad75 doesn't necessarily agree.

A lot of people have already found love on the site, while others are still trying TikTok out for dating opportunities. Tireddad75 gave it a shot, and it doesn't seem results have been too good for him.

Over 40,000 followers and not one date request? Poor guy! We know he's joking and love his humor. If you don't laugh, you'll cry and all of that. He's a good-looking guy and we don't think he'll have a hard time finding someone special. We also love that he shared in the comments, "And before the Karen’s shows up. It’s just a freaking joke!", to which @Karen Spaziani replied, "Hmmmm. Guess that leaves me out" with laughing emojis.

And of course, the ladies showed up for him! @mystic_lotus_tarot says, "Maybe you should post at least the state you live so we know if you're at least in the same time zone before we ask ya out." @Susan replied, "I keep trying to swipe right on your picture! Does that count?" @Fiona Cully372 doesn't mince words when she says, "I call 40,000 choices for a man who needs to take a leap of faith!"

@K K wasn't a fan either, saying, "No self-respecting man expects for a woman to ask them out." and @onealicar replies to her with, "Word!" 

Lots of older women were interested, all saying he's too young for them! 

@jen riley hits the nail on the head when she advises, "Looks like you haven't responded to anyone that's asked you out so maybe you should ask someone out." She's not wrong. Hopefully TiredDad75 is checking the comments - there are a lot of options for him there!