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Joke About the Reality of Opening 'Tinder' in Maine Makes Us LOL

Apparently Maine is not a playground for singles.

Well if you're single and ready to mingle, it seems that Maine is probably not the place for you. This hilarious TikTok shared by @TikTok Thinks I'm Gay proves that Maine isn't exactly the melting pot for those looking for a partner. Seems that there's slim pickings for our friends in the northeast. Commenters agreed too.

Although it's short, it is spot on! You might be looking at it and asking yourself what a pot has to do with dating, but it will all make sense after you watch it!

Nothing there! This made us LOL, and we aren't even in Maine. @della's dishes cracked us up with "I thought it was going to be a lobster!" about what she was expecting to see in the pot.

Commenters both in Maine and across the country got it. @Hunter says, "This is all of Maine if you don’t live in Portland," with a crying emoji. @Moisme agrees with, "Southern Maine is just as bad. Trying to meet new friends is brutal." @Brax Henley jumps in with, "Chances are you already know everyone on there." @Sarah shares, "Hello from rural-ish Vermont. I feel this." And @casey doesn't hold back when she says, "It’s rough out here for us rural queers."

@dannidoll sighs and says, "My FYP page said, “for YOU." @Cosign confirms that, "Maine is not a place one goes to be single." but @jessicajah says, "I met loads of people in June!! This time of year is rough." 

So maybe y'all just need to keep trying, especially during the summer months!