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Woman Poses With Bread Like 'Tinder' Guys Pose With Fish in Hilarious Video

This woman is a true legend.

If you've been on a dating site lately, you've probably noticed the trend of guys posing with the big fish they've caught. Yeah, we don't get it either, but it is what it is. Honestly, it's like every other profile features the catch of the day.

Anyways, @reweki - also known as Rebecca - also noticed the trend and isn't amused by it. So she took matters into her own hands. With bread. Just wait for it....

See what she did there? She's hilarious! Tired of seeing guys holding fish on Tinder, she decided to pose with artesian bread because why not? The gum chewing had us LOLing too! Her different poses and facial expressions really topped it all off. 

And the commenters were all there for it, too. @Lil Red admits, "No because this is actually cute and fun and I like it!" and Rebecca replied back, "This is gonna be my new hobby, dinner rolls gotta come next." @FromTheGarden joins in with, "I do this with my vegetables I harvest from the garden." @JeanSpeer suggests, "We should start posing with our American Girl Dolls." The banter goes on and on and it made our day.

@What Are We playing chimes in with the best comment possible, "I photoshopped myself holding a giant goldfish and one guy legitimately thought it was real." Wish we could hear more about how that convo went! @ab asks, "But did you bake it? Otherwise, it's like a guy holding a fish at the grocery store." He's got a point!

@JustAnOrdinaryAverageDad wins the comments though with this one: "A decent catch but it’s no wall hanger..." Well, they can't all be wall hangers, now can they?