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Woman's Tinder Date Mishap Proves the Struggle Is Real

It's a jungle out there.

This is one of those stories that you can't make up. Like when you're in a painfully weird situation and it feels like a nightmare, and you're not sure what to do next. @Maddie Touma lived one of those situations in college and shares it during a TikTok story time.

Maddie explains that she matched with a guy on Tinder long ago, but they never actually met. Out of nowhere, she gets a text from him asking if she wants to meet him that night. She happens to be with a friend at the time. She says yes, and seconds later the friend gets a text from another guy pretty much asking if she wants to do the same thing. Maddie and the friend end up going to meet the friend's date at his dorm room. The date has a friend there with him, who says something that made Maddie realize she was in a weird predicament.

So she's the date he's supposed to be meeting, but he doesn't know it. She figured it out and is trying to figure out how to react. Eek!

Commenters had lots to say about the awkward situation. @Miranda Rae Kilpatrick advises, "THIS IS WHY WE SAVE CONTACT PHOTOS LOL. You are stunning. His loss babe." @Kara McCurdy admits, "I’m sorry I would faint." 

And people knew what Maddie was talking about when she mentioned Recess. Lots of commenters said they knew the place, like @Sid who said, "I heard “recess” and instantly knew we were now talking about FSU. Other commenters loved her nails (they're super cute) and said things like what @V said, "Side note, love the nails."

Don't worry, though. Maddie doesn't leave us hanging. You can see what happened next in Part 2. 

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