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Woman Jokes That TikTok Is the New 'Tinder' and She Has a Point

Plenty of people are now connecting on the app.

We think @renessways101 might be on to something when she says that TikTok is the new Tinder. She recently shared a video describing that she met her boyfriend James through TikTok. And based on the comments, a lot of people have done the same thing!

She goes on to share that she noticed he was always commenting on her videos, messaging her, and they start talking every day. After a few months, they decided to meet in person.

They must have really liked each other to drive four and six hours to meet! We are glad it worked out for them! @subtle splash agrees with, "Wait you actually met in the "middle"? That's an amazing start in my opinion!"

We're starting to think that meeting on TikTok might even be more authentic than dating apps since it's all video. What you see is what you get. And we aren't the only ones. @JennieRebecca shared her story, "LOVE THIS!! I met my fiancé almost 3 years ago on TikTok!!! He was thousands of miles away! IF HE WANTS TO, HE WILL!" as did @tamara, "I met mine on IG- he lived in Egypt and me in Arizona. Married and living in Egypt less than a year later." @Sabrina made us laugh with, "People be finding their soul mate on TikTok and I'm over here single and a Pringle." 

Other commenters shared how they felt about Renee and James' story. @Yabriel Aviles says, "This genuinely made me happy!" and @derangederizen commented, "This is so cute and adorable and enchanting, and I'm so immensely happy for you. Thank you for making my FYP 10 times better." @Meagan swoons, "The way he smiles at you on the video calls!"

So many great comments, but @Meggie_417 wins best comment with, "For a second I thought the van at the end was going to start rocking." We did too!