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Grandma Has the Most Fabulous 'Thirst Trap' Refrigerator

For most of us, when we visit Grandma's house, we'll likely find common items placed on their refrigerator, such as magnets, family photos, and creative school artwork by grandchildren. However, one granny is decorating her household refrigerator a little bit differently. 

In this clip, @instantriceporkmachine shows off this gorgeous display that ladies everywhere won't be able to stop looking at. All we can say is, wandering off into the kitchen just got a lot more interesting! 

This grandma sure does have a great style, and might we say, great taste in men as well. We have to wonder what inspired her to start putting cut-outs of sexy male superstars, not that we're complaining. What's that, grandpa? You want me to put your dishes away, don't mind if I do! 

Viewers seeing this are loving the idea as well. User @onlydoniauknow says, "I’m going to need a breakdown of all the handsome gentlemen," and commenter @hauntinglyfamiliar adds, "Grammy’s got herself a vision board." Yes, the refrigerator is the original Pinterest board.  User @thatgreenali says, "The huge cut out of Ashton Kutcher is absolutely relatable," and @kelso2590 says, "This looks like my bedroom wall in middle school." Yes! Throw in posters of Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Devon Sawa, and Taylor Hanson and there you have my teenage bedroom wall! Those were the days!

It looks like this granny is on to something here. What better way to honor nostalgia culture than to do up your fridge like you decorated your wall and notebooks when you were 13?! We have to admit, it's not the worst idea ever. 

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