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Therapist Shares Important Pieces of Sex Advice Everyone Should Know

Sex can be so many things all at once. It can be exciting, passionate,  nerve-wracking, magical, and so much more. It can be easy to get caught up in all the emotions when you're having sex with someone you really care about. To stay grounded, it's critical to have a solid awareness around the core fundamentals.  

TikToker and therapist @your_pocket_therapist reminds us of the three key pieces of sex advice she believe is imperative for everyone to know. Take mental note and keep these top of mind at all times!

These are excellent pieces of advice, yet so overlooked. Not many people openly discuss how challenging it can be to simply get the deed done when you first start having sex, especially when nerves are in the way. That's why communication is key. If a great deal of shame or embarrassment makes communication seem impossible, that's something you might want to evaluate further. 

Many viewers can resonate with these wisdoms as well. User @ims2328 says, "This is honestly so helpful, I struggle so much with shame around it and have only just started to really try and process this in therapy." Another commenter @ickeweeste says, "A 'no' is not always a good advice, especially not for men! Sometimes, to safe the peace of a whole day, its better do 'it' and have peace instead of saying 'no' with an endless discussion following."

These pieces of advice take us back to the basics but they are tremendously important. It can be easy to get caught up in the pressures and expectations around sex, but sometimes it's nice to get a good reminder that our comfort and safety is top priority. 

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