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Ladies From 'The Office' Discuss 'Only Fans' and It's Just Priceless

Poor Jenna really didn't have a clue.

Okay, you know you can always count on @Chelsea Handler for a laugh. And if you're a fan of the TV show 'The Office', you are not going to want to miss Chelsea having Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey on her show recently to talk about 'Only Fans'. 

What's so funny about this conversation is that The Office ladies seem to be clueless about what Only Fans is and what it's used for. Them talking through it is hilarious!

When Jenna says, "I'm pretty sure I know's only friends is" we were dying! But then she goes on to explain what Only Fans is used for and she was pretty accurate. The banter back and forth between the ladies is too funny.

Commenters thought so, too. @bbbatman1 says, "OMG. She really is Pam." That made us laugh! @davidadesign points out, "Pam has such a mom voice." @Phish Food wasn't wrong when they shared, "Jenna is too innocent for this world." Comedian @Chris Klemens joins in with, "I’m in tears."

Did you catch when Jenna says to Angela, "‘You know what it’s like’", @quigley2000 did and was surprised by it like 'Ang' was. @joostinonline caught it too, "She really said, "Ange, you know what it's like."" @Wendywilliamsxoxo laughed at that too, "Angie was like girl wait, what?"

We liked comments from @Tomie who was right with, "Jenna so precious and Chelsea is just absolutely dying." and @CrispedIce32 who said, "I didn’t know I needed this... thank you lol!" It was a fun conversation to listen to, for sure!

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