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Man's Dating Bio Lists Specific Time Stamp From 'The Office' and It's Epic

We are laughing so hard!

This is probably the most awesome dating bio ever! It probably wouldn't make any sense to you if you're not a fan of 'The Office', but if you are, this is gold. @Tats shared it and asked, "Would you swipe right?"

Basically Tats is showing us a Tinder profile, but the only thing on his bio was a timestamp to a clip from the hilarious TV show, 'The Office.' Her giggle is everything!

So would you swipe right? @Lacie would, "100000% swipe right." Tats' video has more than 3.8 million views, over 420 thousand likes, and hundreds of comments. And the comments don't disappoint. @Millie simply says, "Green flag.", as does @ssso who says, "Genius." @Rachel agrees with Millie and adds, "If he watches The Office that’s a major green flag." @Hannah chimes in with, "“And that’s how we met.""

So many commenters wanted to steal and use this idea. @Jenko made us laugh with, "OMG I'm so using this!" They also wanted to know the timestamp. @Dorathewhora shouts, "WHAT IS THE EXACT EPISODE AND TIME STAMP?" Tats replied to several comments and shared it, "It’s Season 5, Episode 27, 05:45."

@That annoying tattooer had done something similar on his bio, "Mine was the time stamp from Community when Jeff begs Professor Slater to sleep with him." @sherngriffith shares, "Here's the catch, it's funny because it's relevant, but people still into The Office are insufferable. Like the dad who could have saved the big game"

Overall, people loved the bio and the guy's humor. We wonder how successful this was for him. And we wonder if Tats swiped right?

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