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Video Parody of 'Thanksgiving Pickup Lines' Has Us Rolling with Laughter

These are cracking us up!

If you need some laughter today, @JacobHoffman is delivering it - in the form of Thanksgiving Pickup Lines. And you can bet we'll be using some of these because they are funny!

There's nothing better than a pun wrapped in humor, and that's what these pickup lines that Jacob created are. They're so bad, they're good! And if you don't laugh at at least one of them, your funny bone might be broken!

Okay, so what which one was your favorite? They're all pretty good, but we liked the pump-in-pumpkin one, as he's, um, pumping. That one made us LOL! As did @Lyndsay Devine who included a bunch of laughing emojis with, "I put the pump in pumpkin pie!" @sarah.mccloskey2020 agreed, "The pump in pumpkin pie was out of pocket!"

Commenters loved this TikTok - it has almost a million views in less than 24 hours! @Heather laughs, "It’s that chuckle at the end of each sentence that gets me! Ahahaha" That's what got us too! @Stacey notices, "The fanny pack and socks. Dad jokes to make me sweat!" @Jessica Brinkley shared, "I just sent this to everyone I invited to Thanksgiving at my house." @mobaby_22 added, "For some reason I think you look like Dr.Phil! The only thing that would make this better is if it was in Dr.Phil’s voice!" @CarrieFuncannon liked the jokes too, "I just died and went to Dorkville!"

@Brittany Aponte exclaims, "I'm gonna try some of these on my husband thank you!" As does @Hannah Spellman who says, "I'm boutta use some of these." We are too, you guys! Can't wait to see our significant other's reaction!

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