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Man Shares One Text to Send When Someone Is Being Strung Along

This is such an easy way to be sure your time isn't wasted.

It happens when people date; sometimes they get strung along whether intentionally or unintentionally. @magnetizeyourman has a simple solution when you feel like you may be on the receiving end of the string.

With just one simple text just a few words long, he says that you can change gears on what might be going on. A few words and a smiley face are all it takes to put you in control. 

Well what do you think? Is he on to something with the quick text, "All good! Have a good week :)" Will it make a man want you to know that you're not overly concerned by the fact that his hamster has diabetes? We weren't the only ones that got a kick out of the sick hamster excuse. @Miranda Rose laughed, ""My hamster has diabetes LOL"", as did @Amber Lin with, "The hamster" and laughing emojis.

Many commenters were not impressed with his advice. @Elizabeth sighed, "Move on. I think we’re done chasing emotionally unavailable men." @rhiannonhendrick7 asks, "How about “it’s all good, have a nice life." And @Raven Victrola shares, "I did that plenty of times and it doesn’t change anything. He still acts the same." And several people like @TriciaA advised, "Don’t text him anything."

@WhiteBengalTiger wasn't having it either, "Never respond is even less time investment. IMHO. I wouldn’t want to deal with someone not dependable. People show who they are, believe them. NEXT!", but @MTN said she was successful with the tactic, "I did this. He panicked!"

Overall, we were most impressed with @Don't be sad's outlook, "I'm too young for these damn games. I wanna live my life." That's what we're all trying to do, isn't it?

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