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Woman's Text to Her Husband About Food Is an Accurate Picture of Marriage

This is just so true!

You wanna know how we know when something is relatable on TikTok? When a video gets over 2 million views, it's relatable. And Crafty Mama Mir's video about texting her husband a late-night food order is relatable!

Though it's short and Mir doesn't say anything, the video is still funny. She's texting her husband at around 11 PM. It's an entire fast-food order. Then she goes on to say never mind, it's getting late, even though she knows he'll bring it to her. When he does, she'll act surprised. But if he doesn't, that's another story...

If he doesn't bring her the food, she's going to be pissed off. Her husband better make the right decision and choose to bring home the food!

Commenters were all over the place with this one. @Otamit simply said, "Toxic." and 357 others liked the comment and agreed. @Breastfast and Dessert LLC laughed, "My husband is deployed and still Door Dashes me food anytime I drop the “I’m hungry but don’t wanna cook". It’s like magic!" @chris replies, "Glad my wife is honest", to which @Ai claps back with, "She's probably honest but hungry LOL". @joshuachastain698 adds, "Bc communicating is so hard" and @Bryan Boylen adds, "Why I choose to remain single for the rest of my life."

@Bee R has Mir's back with, "Why is this soo accurate!! Those saying this is toxic have never been in a relationship or married!!!" We actually kind of agree with this comment! And Mir does clarify one thing. She says, "I should have clarified and not said “pissed”. It’s just a nice surprise!" We get it!

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