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Woman's Text From Her Ex Leads to an Unexpected Surprise

We're so invested in this story.

We figured @Bellah Mae was going to leave us hanging when she received an unexpected text from her ex-boyfriend, and she did! Kind of.

The video starts with her saying that she was freaking out because she just got a text from her ex-boyfriend. Her caption reads, "Omg I feel sick." Then she shows us what the text said. He asks if she still lives at the same place, and then texts her something she didn't expect.

So he sent her something, and it should be there tomorrow, but what is it? We need to know what he sent her! Is it a gift? A good one or a bad one? Or is it something else entirely? We are so invested in this now! So is @Alicia Mac who begs, "Please algorithm bring me back."

We weren't alone. Commenters had lots to say about the random and mysterious texts. @bsharyne_fitness says, "Going to be flowers… calling it haha!" And Bellah replies back with, "I mean … how typical if it is. You’re probably right lol" @Marianna Cristatou asks, "What if it's his wedding invitation?" We didn't even think about that being an option! @Nicole.rogersx doesn't mince words when she says, "I would of said keep it." Ouch!

@Beth was all of us when she said, "Bellah we need an update as soon as this mystery parcel arrives." And Bellah replied with what we all wanted to hear, "Trust me I’m not going through this alone! I’m making you all come with me I’m scared lol" And she kept her promise! 

We can't wait to find out what happens next!

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