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Teacher's Reaction to Students Crashing His Wedding Is Just Precious

He couldn't contain his emotions.

We love a good wedding story, and this is one of those, and even more! @mr.mctiktok (also known as Kevin) shared a feel-good story, and it made us tear up!

The caption to the video simply reads, "When people ask me why I teach…" and that about sums up everything you need to know. You can tell that his students absolutely love him!

They crashed his wedding! Our eyes got all watery when we saw all of those kids dressed up and supporting him on his big day. Then when he flashed to his classroom and how they pranked him, we teared up even more! You can tell he's a great teacher and has earned the respect of his students. We need more teachers like Kevin! @Tessa Pell agrees, "Now that’s a teacher!" Kevin replied back, "I have THE BEST job in the world!"

The comments were so positive and upbeat. @Fioona says, "That's when you know you really made an impact." @efpinoy noticed what we did and said, "And they all dressed up for the occasion!" Kevin replied back with a crying emoji. He was emotional about it! @Amanda Schuler shares, "My daughters have a teacher like this in 7th grade … it changes lives. Keep doing what you do!" We loved @Dan Wallin's comment, "They don’t get paid enough to do what they do. They’re not just teachers, but life teachers, support, everything", and we enjoyed @Matthew's comment, "Students are showing that you are changing their lives. You joke, teach, support and care about them. THEY LISTEN!! Good job sir!"

Our favorite exchange made us laugh! @mell0wroses noticed, "From far away you look like Ryan Reynolds." Kevin's reply to this comment is the best, "I’ve been referred to as Walmart Ryan Reynolds a time or two." Not only is he a great teacher, but he also has a great sense of humor, too!

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