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Kids' Reactions to Teacher Telling Them She's Engaged Are Way Too Cute

They were just thrilled for her!

If you want to see the cutest engagement announcement ever, we found it for you! @missjackson_in3rd made us smile when she shared her students' reactions to her getting engaged - and it sounds like they've been waiting for it!

Miss Jackson starts off by telling her class that she has something to tell them, and that she's going to try not to cry. The students are anxious to hear her big news, and you can hear their hesitation - not knowing if the news is going to be good or bad.

"You're no longer going to have a teacher named 'Miss Jackson'.' Their responses were so confused! We think the kids might have thought that she was leaving them or something. Then one student shouts out excitedly, "You got engaged!" and that broke the ice! Their sheer excitement after that is heartwarming! 

Commenters loved the sweet video too. @eva marie liked the student who said, "“I’ll be happy about anything that you say”" We did too! You can tell how much the students love their teacher. @rebecca says "Your students are everything - the fact that they knew right away!" We wonder if they've met her fiancé? @Ashony01 made us smile with, "The kids are such a hype crew!!!!!!! Love it!!!!" They totally are!

The cutest comment came from @Mariem who swooned, "It’s so cute because it’s like your telling your best friends!" Miss Jackson's response was the best, "I KNOW! They were the ones I was excited to tell the most!!" What a sweet relationship she has with her students!

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