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Teacher's Story of Unknowingly Dating a Student's Dad Is Priceless

Cue the totally awkward vibes.

Let's talk about those awkward moments in life that keep you up thinking about them at night. We're pretty sure this one, shared by @Mr Williams, must be pretty high up on his list.

Mr. Williams met Mr. Right in line at Walmart when they were both standing in line together passing the time by chatting. Turns out Mr. Right is a cop, and said that he'd let Mr Williams go before him in line if he gave him his phone number. Well, sparks must've been flying, because he did give up his digits. They ended up chatting and made plans to go on their first date to - get this - The Chubby Trout. What happens while they're enjoying their time together at The Chubby Trout is cringeworthy!

Awkward, righ?t! Luckily, the student wasn't old enough to recognize the fact that her Daddy and her teacher were on a date! But poor mom and Mr. Right! I wish we could've heard that conversation. And commenters had a lot to say about all of this. @beckyjones1979 laughs, "The dangers of not going to back to school night!" @natalie_grace_10 says, "Smooth pick up line." And @Dawn completely understood. She said, "I accidentally dated my son's history teacher for a little while. Took several dates before I realized it." 

Perhaps our favorite comment in the whole long chain of comments was from @Quincy who asks, "WHY ARE WE GRAZING OVER THE FACT THAT THE RESTAURANT IS CALLED "THE CHUBBY TROUT?" LOL!

Mr Williams shared some words of wisdom, so take heed. He says, "It's important for Parents and Teachers to meet at the beginning of the school year. It can help us avoid situations like this." So if you're single, make sure to always meet your kids' teachers or this could happen to you!