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Having a Tattoo Artist at Wedding Receptions Is a Hot New Trend

What a fun and unique idea!

We're not gonna lie, this is such a cool idea if you're into tattoos! @coshtattoos, AKA Clara, posted a TikTok and asked, "Have you ever thought about having a tattooist at your wedding?" 

To be honest, no. The thought had never crossed our minds. But now that Clara's mentioned it, it's really a fun and unique way to always remember the wedding! Of course, the bride and groom are the first ones to get inked. Cara says she did several matching tattoos, some custom tattoos, and she even got to give her best friend her very first tattoo!

So many guests got tattooed, including the groom's mom! We bet there were a lot of people who probably had never considered getting a tattoo, or who said they never would, that ended up getting a tattoo. Sometimes the opportunity just has to present itself.

What did commenters have to say about this new trend? For the most part, TikTokers were all for it! The biggest issue that kept getting commented on was the fact that people were drinking and may not have been in the right state of mine to permanently ink their skin. To this Cara replied, "A lot of people asking the deal with drinking. Obviously as tattoo artists we actively discourage people from getting tattoos under the influence. However this is still wedding entertainment and I’m not the fun police. I have consent forms that state the usual regarding alcohol, drugs."

@fruggytea brought up, "This looks like such a vibe, but this must've been so expensive!" @MILLIE made us laugh with, "I kinda wanna do this for my wedding just to make my grandma mad!" And @Ginge laughs, "If this isn’t happening at weddings I’m invited to in the future then I’m not going!"

We think @Tammie Foster wins for best comment with, "Disappointed no one got the "I went to a wedding and all I got is this lousy tattoo" cause I would in a heartbeat!" At least everybody's having fun with the idea. Wonder if we'll be invited to a wedding anytime soon where this is the entertainment!