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Woman's Joke About Swiping on Dating Apps Is All Too Real

The struggle is just so real.

Most people on the dating scene have a love/hate relationship with dating apps. @maddie_macrae_ cracked us up with her reenactment of her relationship with dating apps. Her video caption reads, "This me at 9.30pm on the couch every night. Love em, but I hate em."

In the video, you see Maddie sitting on her couch and she wants to have a 'swipe' on a dating app. She appears to be talking to her apps, Hinge, Tinder, and Bumble (she is pretending to be all three apps.) The conversation that ensues it totally relatable!

Hinge cracks us up! And single people know how this works all too well - it's that feeling of sitting on the couch, wanting to swipe, but then instantly regretting the swiping on the first or second try. She totally nailed it! Alex laughs when she shared, "The way Bumble just looked so deflated!", to which Maddy replied, "She thought she had the night off."

The TikTok has hit over 2 million views in a day, so it must resonate with a lot of people out there. @Goverment Hooker says, "The way I download an app swipe, immediately close it, wake up and then get the ick from any matches." @lauraaaaa adds, "And then Bumble has the audacity to ask if you’re enjoying using the app. NO!" @Neil admits, "I always find Hinge full of professional pics, adventurous mountain climbing, ocean sailing women who make me feel inadequate and I have to delete it."

Other commenters shared success stories. @Sarah Ann says, "I met my husband on Bumble and fun fact, it’s a woman only owned business." As does @abigaillouisesims who shares, "I deleted Tinder twice, downloaded it again, & ended up actually finding the guy who’s now my husband on the 3rd try."

@Ana Maria Sandoval says what we all want, "Part 2. For god's sake!" We'll be waiting for it, Maddy!

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