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Mom's Hilarious Video About Staying at a Man's Place for the First Time Is Epic

Oh this is hands down, the worst!

Yep, every single woman out there will relate to @Trisha Wilson's TikTok about spending the night at your man's house for the first time. 

It's inevitable that you'll have to, um, go number two. You try to do it as quietly as possible, and it doesn't work out the way you had hoped it would. Although this video is only 8 seconds long, that's all she needed to get the point across. 

Too funny! You can tell in her head she's saying, "Pleassssse don't fart. Please!" And then it happens. Commenters totally related to the video. @Xi_jayme_Xi shared, "Oh tell me about it … I clogged the freaking toilet and had to go ask for a plunger!!" @michellelandberg had some advice, "The toilet paper trick! toot in the toilet paper." to which Trisha replied, "How have I never heard of this!?" @Kaj2022 admits, "Still me and I’ve been married 6 years." @Tammy Souther Robinette adds, "yea & bathroom just happened to be right next to the room he's in!"

The guys chimed in, too. @Eric Brezden had some good advice too, "Always date someone with a dog. Do what you gotta do while they're taking it for the morning walk." Smart! @Eddie Mcclellan e shares, "And THATS why I have two restrooms!!!" @brett1456 adds, "chances are he doesnt care and should laugh and rip one for you in the"

And @Sugartitts280 made us laugh with, "I just let it loose. Funny part was he walked by the door and said 'aww you tooted.' lol" We've all been there, and it's good to know everybody has a good sense of humor about it!

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