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Podcast Host Shares Leading Love Expert's Hacks for Staying in Love

It isn't always easy.

Are you currently in love? If you're in a relationship with the love of your life, congratulations! It's not easy to find, and it's definitely work to keep the love alive. @makenmurphy recently spoke with a love expert, Dr. Helen Fisher, who gave him some tips on how to stay in love, and the tips are actually pretty simple.

Once you hear the tips, you'll say, 'well that makes sense!' They're tips that most couples probably don't have to work at, but if your relationship has come to a standstill or is going downhill, these tips are easy to incorporate back into your everyday life, and love.

Sounds simple enough, right? Novelty, touching, intimacy, and flirting. All things that you do when you first begin a relationship, but things that slowly dissolve the longer you're in a relationship. But if you work to incorporate them back into your day, soon it won't be "work" at all!

Commenters appreciated the tips too. @Island.grown shared, "I married a man who is quite unpredictable, except for the steadiness of his love for me. Life with him in an adventure!" @Severus adds, "Constant touch. Constant touching works." We love the way @Acey put it, "Ugh yes, glad to know my relationship philosophy is valid. Every day we are together we are still courting each other and trying new things often." Another commenter agreed as well, "Exactly! That’s why I always say you can’t get bored with your person; you’re just not trying!!" 

@jack sums it all up perfectly, "Basically just avoid complacency." That about says it all!

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