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Man Offers to Be 'Stand-in-Dad' at Woman's Wedding After Seeing Her Story on TikTok

We never knew this was a thing.

Now you may have read the title of this post and thought it was going to be one of those tug-at-your-heartstrings posts that you'd need a tissue for. Truth is, it left us scratching our heads, until we understood it.

TikToker @ZombieDan recently shared a video of a woman who was upset because her dad was not going to be attending her wedding. Dan stepped in and offered to take her dad's place, as a stand-in-dad. We thought maybe they were friends, and so it would make sense for him to offer. Turns out it's a little different than that.

Dan is the founder of a group called Stand in Pride International that connects people who need it with stand-in families for big events, holidays, or just support. It's a very cool idea! People were actually interested to find out more. @Minni Florence asks, "How can I be a stand in mom??!!!" There were an overwhelming number of commenters who wanted to become part of the movement. @Mae Summers said, "I know this is meant for LGBTQ folk but for someone who lost their dad at a young age that just the idea of this is so heartwarming." And it is!

Others who were already part of the group, like @Pat Moran602 were happy to help, "Please let me know where and when! Stand in Gran always available." @Puddin also offered help, "As a stand in dad in his group, we will all love to help you. We have a few live with us. Ally for life." @JC even said, "I've been looking for this EXACT resource to be part of...thank you for doing this!! Already requested to join the group."

Dan, thank you for spreading love and kindness everywhere! We need more Dans out there fighting the good fight.