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Video About the 'Stages' of Being Ghosted Is All Too Real

This hits the nail right on the head.

Okay, @elliemaegrady is too cute! We can't imagine that she ever would get ghosted, but apparently it happens. And she is all of us when it does. 

You know when you're getting ghosted, but you think, 'No! This isn't really happening. This can't possibly be what's going on!' Well, Ellie gets it too and she does what we all do...she tries to explain it away...

Too funny, right? She makes all.of.the.excuses for him and still hasn't heard from him. And then..."Active two minutes ago. Maybe I should ask about his grandma." That made us LOL!

While we thought it was a parody and pretty funny, others didn't see it that way. @Rachel shared, "Girl, no one is that busy that they can’t take a few moments and tell you 'I see your message and I acknowledge you I will reply when I have more time.'"  @G doesn't play games and she says, "If they don’t reply in a day I end up blocking, they had the chance. Byeeeeeee!" 

@Emily kept it real, and made us kinda cringe, when she admitted, "I got ghosted….. turns out he actually had died!" @Lauren Bryant tried to keep it positive, "Repeat after me.. I don't chase I attract." @aebambury sounded a bit bitter when she said, "My guy is... not even opening my messages... but he's clearly online on Snapchat." Ouch!

So many women commented that they could totally comisserate with Ellie! @Emma Pye was our favorite with, "Hoping they got arrested so you can accept their reason! Reasons I no longer date guys." Whatever works for you girl!

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