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Mediator Poses Excellent Question for People Whose Spouses Were Married Before

They say everyone's got a story to tell. In our own relationships, we learn the story of our spouse, but have you ever wondered what their exes have to say? What are their stories about their ex and the one you're currently with? 

In this clip, TikToker @theuglytruthofdivorce proposes this question, and she wants to know what people think. As we all know, where are two sides to every story. Are you prepared to hear the other side?

This is definitely an interesting question to contemplate. If your husband or wife's first spouse could have warned you against being with them, would you listen, or would you assume they were the one who was the problem, not your spouse? 

Some viewers in the comments say they have done exactly this. User @ramie_ma says, "I actually did talk to them. They both basically told me to run. I thought they were 'jealous' and being 'haters' whyyyyyy didn’t I listen?" On a similar note, @singlemomhairtherapist adds, "I did and didn't listen to wife #1...stayed 17 years and now I'm ex wife #2."

Some users haven't had this experience with a spouse's ex, but say they'd be on board if given the chance. TikToker @tammytoksalot says, "Absolutely I would have. Now I struggle with should I warn the other women but I’m just the 'disgruntled ex' so I keep my mouth shut. They’ll have to learn the hard way like I did b/c they won’t believe me." Other viewers don't find such is necessary. "No because they are different people with different dynamics- maybe some similarities," says @kyeager89.

Well, there you have it. Some people have already tried this experiment, yet that alone didn't change their minds about their spouse. Some haven't but wish they would have, and some just aren't interested in that idea at all. As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks. 

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