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Woman's Story of Spicy Night With Her Boyfriend Going Horribly Wrong Is Epic

We cannot stop laughing at this!

Not gonna lie, this story will have you laughing out loud, and probably laugh-crying at the same time. @itsauntalex shares a cringeworthy video describing how sexy time with her boyfriend went horribly wrong. 

Let us set the scene: It's Alex's boyfriend's birthday. After a lovely day and amazing dinner date, they go back to their hotel room to get frisky. She had purchased a "fantasy box" that came with instructions - a card for her eyes only, and a card for his eyes only. There's no way we could top the way she tells the story, so get ready because it's a wild ride!

This is one of those stories that as it goes along, you don't think it could get any worse, but then it does! You can visualize this happening and the way it unfolded is absolutely hilarious. Her in lingerie getting pushed to the bed, missing the bed, and farting as she goes down. You can't make this stuff up!

But it left lots of us with questions! @Keri Trusty asks, "I have to know, did he have an outfit too? This was the best story I have heard all week!" Alex responds that he did not in fact get an outfit, which leads us wondering what he had on. @m-fyock wanted to know "So…are y’all still together?" Nope, they are not, but this event is not the reason.

Most TikTokers responded with comments about how this made their day, won the internet, and what a great storyteller Alex is. We agree with it all! @the_iron_lung summed it up with, "That did it disappoint. Thank you."

Still, others demanded more! @Carole Morissette says, "Need a part 2!" @Danyale Jobin says what we are all thinking: "I think we all need a reenactment!" 

We're here for it!