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Couple's 'Sound of Music' Wedding Exit Is As Epic As It Gets

Those guests must've loved it!

This is seriously one of the best wedding reception exits we've ever seen! It's so fun and will bring back some childhood memories from a favorite classic movie!

@sisteredstates captured the epic exit that Lindsay and Ryan shared at the end of their reception. It's clear that the guests had no idea it was going to happen, and they were delighted to watch it all unfold! 

So fun, right? They reenact 'So Long, Farewell' from the Sound of Music! We love all the cheering and clapping. And of course, everybody had their cell phones out recording it. What a unique way to say goodbye. We loved when they went up the staircase. Perfect! 

We're sure other newlyweds will follow suit after seeing this video. @kaitlyn is already planning it, "Getting my bridesmaids to this this with my future hubby's boys!"

The comments to this video were fun, too. @SaVi said, "Theatre kids." We hadn't thought that, but it makes sense! @Anniesbucketlist made us chuckle with her comment, "I was way too wasted by the end of my wedding to do any exit other than an invertebrate imitation." @Northern Mama Bear loved how wholesome it was, "This is so pure!", as did @Kelly Jimenez, "My heart!" @Silly Goose adds, "The bridal party should of been there thooo." And @ehhmary notices, "The crowd didn’t get what they were supposed to do at the end."

@TheSandwichLeague wasn't wrong when they shared, "It’s like saying goodbye in the midwest!" That made us laugh because it's pretty spot on! However you choose to say goodbye at the end of a wedding reception, make sure to make it a fun one like Lyndsay and Ryan did!

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