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Mom's Sudden Realization About Her Sons and Their Wives Is a Holiday Buzz Kill

This is unfortunate, but there's no escaping it.

There is so much truth in this video that @jennhurless shared, and it's a truth that we don't like!

Of course, families all do different things to celebrate the holidays, but we get that sometimes things go a certain way because that's just how things go. Like wives get to decide where their family will spend Christmas, and it's often with her family. Jenn just came to this realization, and her video says, "When you realize your sons are going to their wives' families for Christmas because you are the "grandma on the dad's side."" Ouch, right?!

The way the realization comes to her, and she throws herself down! You can almost hear her saying, "NOOOOOOO!!!" This resonated with so many people! The video has millions of views, more than a hundred thousand likes, and over 6,500 comments! We are guessing most of those likes are from moms of boys!

@Sara Butler's comment presents the ideal scenario, "Imagine getting along with daughter in law and daughter in law's family so well that you get invited to join them and the grandkids get both sets…" @Jenn loves that idea and says, "I'm hoping for that!" @Pawn Shop Fan shares a sad bit of advice, "Yep, your son is your son until he takes a wife. Your daughter is your daughter for the rest of your life."

@thatmrsjohnson23 gets it right with, "Am I the only one that is perfectly fine with this scenario….please let me know early enough so I can plan a trip with my husband and decide if we celebrate before or after our trip." Boom! Definitely our favorite comment came from @mommabutterfly48 who simply says, "As a mom of boys. Hear me out. Turks and Caicos." We are there for that!

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