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Woman Explains How 'Soft Cheating' Is Killing Monogamy

TikToker @elixirshotz is literally sick of what she sees happening on Instagram. The reason is what she refers to as an epidemic of "soft cheating," and it's killing monogamous relationships, she says. 

As she explains in a recent video, we can't help but sympathize with her frustrations. 

It's completely understandable why anyone would be disturbed by this behavior on social media, and not only that, but how so many are excusing it as being "just the way things are." Is this just something that we need to accept as normal? 

In the comments, it seems many people can to relate to what this woman is saying. User @kmayflower says, "They use the excuse that they 'mindlessly like and scroll' but will like pics of only the girl but not the ones with her bf or another guy in them lol."

When it comes to social media and cheating, we have to wonder: is social media the problem, or is it the people on it? Commenter @cocasyn says, "Apps are good in a sense because you find out someone's character. Making your bf delete insta isn't gonna change how he thinks of other women." Of course, it's natural to find other people attractive even when you're paired up, but it could be argued that it's how you act on it is what makes the difference. Finally, commenter @er2857 advises, "If you communicate you aren’t ok with it and it continues, then you need to leave. They don’t care about u or your feelings. Trust me. Move on."

Is giving other people attention on social media acceptable conduct when you're in a committed relationship? Well, that's up to you. If it's something that bothers you, it's your responsibility to communicate that while drawing lines in the sand about what kind of behavior you will and won't tolerate in your relationship.  At the end of the day, what you allow is what will continue.