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Soccer Player's 'TikTok Dating Profile' Is Going Viral

Get in line, ladies!

We recently shared a post about a lady who joked that TikTok is the new Tinder. Well, @Noah Pilato must've seen it too, and he's single and ready to mingle!

Did we mention he's hot? Check out his video. He starts off by saying, "Since TikTok is the newest dating app, here's my profile." Ladies get ready because it's droolworthy!

Swoon, right? He's fit. He's educated. He's a professional soccer player. And that SMILE!! He seems to be an absolute catch. It doesn't hurt that he mentions that he has friends for your friends too! Those friends are just as easy on the eyes as he is!

As you can imagine, the ladies had lots to say about his profile. @Christinek224 had to keep reminding herself, "I'm married...I'm married... I'm married..." @Morgan made us laugh with this: "My fiancé wondering why he heard the same song play 6 times over." @krystyle92 says, "I like the added “I have friends for your friends” - a problem solver already!"

Lots of commenters wanted to know where they should send their applications. @Bailey asks, "Where do I send my application?" and Noah responded, "Instagram!" @g.puglove adds, "I have some paperwork to file first, but then I should be good to go." 

@bacardibreeze84 sweetly tells Noah, "2023 is your year! You will find your lady." And @Shaylee Lin says, "No way a man with that smile is single, wow!" We don't think he'll be single too much longer. Women are lining up to get his attention. He's going to have a lot of fun finding Ms. Right!