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Woman Accidentally Tells a 'Vicar' That She Wants to Sleep with Him

This might be the best story of 2022.

We couldn't help but laugh out loud at this story that @Eleanor Fletcher shared. It's not only the story that made us laugh, but the way that she tells the story! 

You know how sometimes you hear a phrase, and you think you know what it means and then say something about it that just doesn't work out? Well that's exactly what happened to Eleanor in this situation when she is introduced to a vicar that she already knows. The conversation is too funny and cringeworthy at the same time!

We can't stop laughing! The whole conversation is just hilarious! We wish we could've been a fly on the wall to watch it all happen! The way the room goes cold when she says "I wish you knew me in the biblical sense" had us rolling!

Comments were just as funny. @mariepattison135 laughs, "I’m a vicar and I can’t help you cos I can’t stop laughing!" Eleanor replies, "Haha, this made me laugh. Tell me, is there any way he would think I didn’t know what it meant?" Marie replied back with, "He is probably cursing himself for making a in-joke you had no way of understanding. Maybe he will pack up and move in the middle of the night." @Russell Grover says, "Sorry, You are going to have to sleep with him!" to which Eleanor replies, "That seems logical I think."

@kaysie shared, "My coworker didn't know what Netflix and Chill meant. Told our married female boss that he would like to Netflix and Chill with her." @Rob MacArthur had the best advice for Eleanor, "Show him this video." We agree! Show him the video and all the comments. It seems like he has a sense of humor and would love it!

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