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Man Shares the 'Truth' About Sleeping Next to a Loved One

We are laughing out loud!

If you sleep with a snorer, you are totally going to love this TikTok from @Ranjit singh!

The older you get, the harder is seems to be to even fall asleep, let alone stay asleep. But if you happy to be, um, 'lucky' enough to sleep with someone you love who just so happens to snore all night long, the chances of you getting any sleep at all is slim to none. Ranjit shared this video and summed it all up in 5 seconds. His description on the video is the best! He quotes, "Sleeping next to someone you love reduces stress and helps you sleep better." Yeah, sure it does.

His face says it all! And so does his caption, "That peaceful sleep tho!" If this isn't relatable, we don't know what is! With more than 1.9 million views, almost 139 likes, and 1,700 comments, we aren't the only ones that could relate to Ranjit's situation.

And the comments are funny! @Bailey Fraser made us LOL with, "As a fellow snorer I apologise. We don’t like it either, throat dryer then a nun in the morning." We may or may not have made the same threat in the past that @shazadhussain106's wife makes, ""You even move a millimeter, and you are history" With a play on Ranjit's last name, @Respect wants to know, "What in the Singh is going on?" Another commenter advised, "Turn off the engine." And @Symphoni isn't wrong when she says, "Now I see why so many couples have separate rooms lol"

@lah7637 had our favorite comment, "Sounds like she's sleeping peaceful and has less stress to me." This makes us think that lah7637 is a snorer because only a snorer would be able to say that!

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