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Single Woman Shares the Reality of Trying to Make Friends Over 50

It really can be so tough.

No matter what age you are, making friends is hard. And it seems to get harder the older you get. @renita_kallevig recently shared a TikTok of her in her car breaking down the reason she doesn't have anything to do on a Friday night, and we get it.

Renita starts off by explaining that she was in a relationship for 7-1/2 years with a guy that her family and friends didn't like. During that time, she neglected the friends that she had and didn't make new ones. If they went out, they went out with his friends. So, after breaking up, he still had his friends, and she was left empty handed. And now she wants to know how to fix the situation.

We totally get it! If you're single, it's hard to meet new single friends! And commenters were there to show Renita support. There are lots of comments about being in the same boat, like @Ninaliza1011 who says, "Hi friend! Did I hear you call out all the single ladies?" with the 'raising my hand' emoji. @Dani Dani agrees too, "Omg!! This is totally my life!! I’m right there with you!" @Sheri Bertina made us laugh with, "Same exact story for me! Here on TikTok Friday night!"

We love the perspective @vanceafisher shares: "Congratulations, you are discovering your true self. Your growth during the last 7-1/2 years has taken you here. Be proud. You have nothing to prove." But we also understand that Renita wants to make some friends! 

And while there were thousands of comments, we were surprised to see there weren't any offering advice except from @KTB12 who offers, "Try Bumble BFF…you can make a network of new friends!" We hope she gives it a shot and makes some new friends to hang out with!