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Single 30-Something in NYC Shares Thoughts on the Scariest Part of Dating

Pat Benatar said, "love is a battlefield," and she isn't wrong. These days, modern dating can seem like a beast not even the bravest of warriors can tame. Not only are people out there struggling against the many nuances and moving parts of romantic relationships, but they're also facing nature's dark art of timing.

TikToker @mary.wolff is a 30-something single living in New York City. In this clip, she opens up about the part of dating that she personally finds most challenging to face, and let's just say, we can't blame her.  

This is a relatable fear for so many. It's one thing to be searching for your ideal match for a partner, but it's a tough reality when you believe someone is your person and so you make commitments and life altering investments, but come to find out, that person wasn't for you at all. 

Many viewers in the comments can relate to this as well. User @lesser.evil says, "Preach! Fellow 30 something single women in NYC," and @alilove4020 adds, "If it’s the wrong time and place it’s the wrong person darling." 

Others know all about the "could have beens" in regards to timing. User @allison_shmallison says, "JUST happened to me at a new job. He was married & nothing happened, but we would have been something great in another time."

They say love isn't always on time, and unfortunately, that statement seems to be true for many. However, we must have faith in the course of life that the person truly meant for us will come into our lives at the time they are meant to be there. The time must not only be right for us, but for them as well.  

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