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Author Shares Key Question Single People Should Ask Themselves

The answer might make all the difference.

Well @Harlan Cohen hits the nail on the head with this simple piece of advice, and if you're single, you are going to want to hear it!

His caption reads, 'Life Tip 210: If you’re single and want a little love in your life, ask yourself the question…' The answer to this one question may be the reason you are having a hard time meeting quality people to date. 

The question is simple: How do people find me? Do you hide out? Are you staying in the same places, doing the same things day in and day out? Are YOU making it difficult for others to find you? If so, you need to get yourself out in new places to meet new people!

This really resonated with a lot of people. The video has more than 1.4 million views, 165 thousand likes, and more than 2,700 comments! Commenters had fun with their responses. @pickypirate laughs, "100% in hiding, but still waiting for an impossible Hallmark moment." @Aerand got more than 25 thousand likes for her comment, "If he really loved me, he would find me in my apartment." @Maria is exhausted and says, "People just seem so draining." @Livia Ferretti admits, "I’m annoyed but appreciate the call out. I do all of this lol." 

@Heather made us laugh with her comment, "You mean they’re not gonna find me working remotely in my 1 bedroom apartment, canceling plans to sit at home by myself and vibe?" We wish we had better news for you Heather, but unfortunately you gotta put yourself out there!

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