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Single Bridesmaid's Funny Wedding Speech Has the Bride in Stitches

Can't blame her for doing a shameless plug!

What better place to try to meet a single guy than at the wedding of your close friends? That's exactly what @Bowen Films caught this bridesmaid doing during her bridesmaid speech, and it made us laugh out loud!

The bridesmaid seems to be in the middle of her speech, when Bowen Films captured her shamelessly plugging herself. Across the video, it says "POV: You're the single bridesmaid". Hey, if you can't speak up for yourself, you'll never know if he's out there!

She says to leave your name and number in the guest book, especially if you're single, in your mid 30's, and - our favorite part - "and you're compatible with an Aries." That had us laughing! The bride got a kick out of it too based on her reaction. You can tell this bridesmaid is the fun friend. And the bridesmaid's reaction at the end is the best! She is so proud of herself! We wonder if she reviewed the information at the end of the program like she said she would. We wonder if she got any bites.

Commenters got a kick out of the bridesmaid. @Too Tall Jones says, "I hope I have someone as fun/funny in my wedding lol"! Like we said, you can tell she's the fun friend! Lots of commenters tagged their friends, and @Rochelle Irvine notifies her friend, "@gemmalouiseofficial doing this at your wedding LOL"!! @ae1787 sums it up in just two words with, "That’s amazing"! Bowen Films liked that comment, and so did we. 

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