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Therapist Shares the 10 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

There are countless red flags to look out for that are telltale signs of a toxic relationship, but what about the signals of what a healthy relationship look like? Does your relationship measure up? 

Relationship therapist @therapyjeff is giving the scoop with his top ten signs of a healthy relationship, and we have to say, these are spot on! 

He's dropping some straight-up truth on these tips. I love how these are based on the internals in a healthy relationship that lie beneath the surface because these are the things that aren't discussed as much as they should be. Pretty much all these are so important so take notes! 

It looks like viewers are loving @TherapyJeff's tips as well. User @lamified says, "I love this, just solidified that my past relationship wasn’t healthy and I shouldn’t romanticize the dysfunction." They say hindsight is twenty-twenty for a good reason. Commenter @halfang adds, "And bonus sign: you're happy being your true self around your partner." Indeed! When you can relax into yourself with all your quirks and imperfections and still feel safe, that's a healthy relationship.  User @az_brisa confesses, "This is my first healthy relationship and it scares me. Trying to not self sabotage it." Awareness is key! As long as you enjoy the relationship and stay mindful through each day, you can trust that the relationship will develop naturally. 

So many great lessons here! It's always good to know the red flags of a relationship, but it's also just as important to know the green flags to make sure you have clarity around what to aim for. 

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