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Relationship Coach Shares 6 Signs of an Emotional Affair

Anyone who has experienced an emotional affair is knows how they can be just as devastating and destructive as a physical affair. What's worse is that it often comes as such a shock as the signs aren't always as obvious as they are when a spouse is having sex with someone outside of their relationship. However, there are signs to look out for, according to one relationship coach on TikTok. 

In this clip, TikToker @12weekrelationships shares the 6 telltale signs you need to know that indicate the possibility of an emotional affair. Can you spot them?

These definitely make a lot of sense! Some people don't believe an emotional affair is "a thing," especially if sex isn't involved, but there are things that don't involve sex that still violate the trust and intimacy a couple builds inside a relationship. 

It seems many viewers understand the reality of an emotional affair as they've experience the effect themselves. User @Babymonster0110 says, "My ex had an emotional affair with his female child hood friend it left trauma in me. I think he's prone to having emotional affairs and he will leave her for the same reason." Commenter @seanj0rdan admits, "My ex wife cheated on me with a coworker. They formed an emotional bond and he understood her in a way I couldn't. It was devastating." Lastly, user @chasebruce2 says, "Like I always say, affection grows where attention is given."

At the end of the day, a romantic relationship is a special bond and connection between two people, exclusively. They are supposed to be the one you want to share your life with and your go-to when you need to share new life news. They should be the one who is your confidant, and they are supposed to be the one on your mind and who you miss when not around. 

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