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Woman's Joke About Partners Sharing a 'Costco' Membership Is So On-Point

It's a long-term commitment!

If you love Costco, you know that sharing a Costco membership with someone is a commitment. So when @Shannon Cole and her boyfriend decided to share a membership, it was just as good as him putting a ring on it.

Shannon's parody starts with her 'friend' telling her that the relationship must not be that serious because she's not wearing any bling. Flash over to Shannon who tells her friend that it's so serious they're sharing a Costco membership. Then she shows her friend something that's better than a ring on her finger!

Too funny! She put the Costco card on a ring, so it's like her bling! Her caption pretty much wraps up the whole joke, "Who needs a ring when you share a Costco membership?" The bad thing about sharing a membership? Who gets if they decide to break up?

We thought that with more than 11 thousand likes, there'd be a lot of comments. Surprisingly, there were only 25 comments when we checked out the video. But they were good ones! @Jessica_Lace isn't wrong when she says, "That’s costing him more than a ring ever would. LOL"! @abo_titan made us laugh with, "Bought a house and having a baby, but I told him sharing Amazon prime was too much of a commitment!!!" @Shanna Hayward adds, "I share one with his MOM hehehe Married basically." @Desne Marie asks, "He still shares one with his ex what does that mean?" 

Our favorite comment came from @Captain Tubesocks who points out, "It's an executive membership too!" Her boyfriend must be legit to level up on the Costco membership!

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