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Snarky Nana Has the Best Advice for Having Sex with Someone From Another Country

We are totally cracking up!

There's nothing better than a snarky nana, and this @Snarky Nana has some sex advice for us all!

Her advice is simple, straightforward, and to the point. And she shares it in just 9 seconds. She ends with, "Make us proud!" That will be much funnier and make more sense once you hear what she has to say!

"If you have sex with someone from another country, make sure you give it your best. Cuz you'll be representing the whole country. Make us proud!" Too funny! And with over 11,000 comments, people had some very fun comments to share. 

@Ruben Lopez wholeheartedly agrees with Nana, "That’s what I been saying!" @Hayhay made us laugh with, "Nana said bring home the gold!" @52389sh adds, "Make sure it takes more than a minute." @Y.D adds, "Your cup is motivating as well." We liked her cup, too! @Malik cracked us up when he said, "Be an ambassador!" @TickTock Professor also made us LOL, "CC: All her homey girls." @Owner888 says, "Wise woman!" @chagni21 shares, "No wonder! The other day somebody asked me if I was from 'X' country & I said yes & the rest is history!" @ghostnoob47 says, "Yo!! My fellow Nigerians, I think I’m representing us well over here in the US!" And @Raquel Alvarado7389 understands the assignment, "OK... I'll take note." 

We agree with @Mohmad Al Nsour when he says, "The best advice from the best granny on TikTok!" She's definitely a fun nana!

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