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Wedding Couple's Unique Seating Chart Idea Couldn't Be More Special

Guests will treasure this forever.

Wow! What a special gift that came from something that is such an ordinary thing! @elissemills_ helps couples plan for their wedding day, and recently shared a TikTok with an amazing seating chart idea.

The TikTok shows a beautiful board at what appears to be the wedding reception. On the board are cards that shows all of the guests where to sit. When the guests picked up their cards, they got more than just seating information.

Not only did each guest get a card, but there was also a handwritten note from the couple! Such a simple, beautiful way to include their guests in their big day! Elisse goes on to say that the wedding guests all loved the idea and talked about it all night. They were even taking pictures with their notes. So sweet! 

A lot of commenters have done the same thing or been on the receiving end of getting a note. @Victoria Devine shared, "We did this for every single guest, and they loved it!" @Hayles0106 also shared, "My friends did this at their wedding but printed it on seed paper so you could plant it later!" We love that idea too!

@lisa lionheart asked, "If you do this can you skip a receiving line? Seems more special!" Elisse responded, "You totally could! And actually, none of my couples have done a receiving line. It doesn’t seem to be popular where we are."

A few commenters didn't think it would work for them. @esther shares, "Cries in southern wedding where people show up announced." That one made us laugh! @tori donoghue explains, "I can’t even get my husband to write thank you notes so this would be a hard no."

Whether you think it would work for your personal situation or not, we definitely love the idea. Hoping to attend a wedding soon so we can get a note of our own!