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Man's Epic 'Scavenger Hunt' Proposal Is Simply the Best

He really went above and beyond.

Talk about a wedding proposal to remember! @Becca Sullivan shared a video of her brother and his girlfriend (who happens to be her best friend) getting engaged...but it was more than just that!

We've seen some really fun wedding proposals, but this one takes the cake! Becca's brother created a scavenger hunt for his girlfriend to go on throughout the day that took her through their history. At the end of the hunt, he will be waiting for her - if she can find him!

Isn't that the best? All of their family and friends were there waiting. She was nervous and scared to open the doors, but as soon as she saw her now husband-to-be, everything was perfect, and she was ready for it!

Commenters loved it, too! @Misti Gimlin swooned, "This was the sweetest most emotional proposal, congratulations!" @Kayla Grimme added, "This is the most romantic thing I’ve ever witnessed!" @Amani Shahin says, "Ughhh I cried with you. That was beautiful!" @emily mikus admits, "THIS IS GOALS. IM OBSESSED."

@Addicted2Comet shares, "I cried with her Every time she found a clue, but the last one where she said she was scared & couldn’t breathe…" That was one of our favorite parts too! And we agree with @-Llainylouu- who said, "Literally, one of the best engagements I have ever seen. So sweet!" It really was a super sweet way to propose. We bet lots of other guys will use this idea. We can't wait to see more of these proposals!

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