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Sad but Hilarious Truth About Marriage Revealed on 'The Talk'

Some aspects just aren't that exciting after a while.

Anybody who's been married forever or even in a long-term relationship will totally get this funny truth about marriage. @The Talk recently shared this video, and it is so relatable!

The guest who is talking says there's one question that married couples will ask each other every morning forever and ever, and she's not wrong!

It's so true, right?! We love the part where the guy says he feels bad now about asking the question, to which the woman replies, " you care?" and he says, "No." We know this happens in our house and bet anybody married has the same conversation every morning. It's funny how you don't even realize that it happens until someone else points it out.

Commenters were there for it too. @Shelby Hodgkins laughed, "After she said "and if you're not the 1 laughing at that" I thought about it...and ya! LMAO" @Amalie F.S. Kristen admits, "It’s me… hi….I'm the problem. It's me." @Wolfbitematrix is serious when she says, "There’s nothing wrong with that question. If you’re not caring when you ask, then the problem is the marriage." @Mari made us laugh with, "I know he has a horrible sleep every night but I ask him every morning just in case it was a good sleep and I'm excited for that day!"

We were thinking the same thing @Terri Wellman was when she says, "That is hilarious! I’m not asking anymore." We liked @Rebekah Williams' comment too, "When my husband asks me I always say I can’t remember I was asleep!"

Whether you ask the how'd you sleep question or not, one thing is for have to have a sense of humor when you're married!

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