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Ryan Reynolds' Sweet Words for Blake Lively at Awards Show Are Everything

They seriously have the best marriage in Hollywood.

Okay, this sweet video that @E! News shared got us right in the feelers! The clip shows Ryan Reynolds paying tribute to his wife Blake Lively and his sweet daughters at the People's Choice Awards. 

He's accepted the PCA icon award on December 6th. His wife was home with his 3 girls because she's expecting their fourth child any day. He says if she goes into labor while he's not there, he'll be looking for a couch to sleep on for a little while and asks if maybe Shania Twain has a couch he could sleep on. His humor is the best, as is his love for his family.

Ryan says, "Blake and my girls, you are quite literally my heart." This is totally marriage goals! They seriously have one of the best marriages in Hollywood and so many people want to have that same kind of relationship. @Stef loves the couple and shares, "Ryan and Blake are the picture of love in Hollywood today. May they forever be blessed." @regancw98 says, "RYAN IS THE IDEAL MAN. I need a man to love me as much as he loves Blake." @Jordan adds, "I swear to god if someone messes their family up, I give up!" @Tron Manager made us laugh with, "*Scarlett Johansson has left the chat." 

But our favorite comments were the ones about Ryan wearing bracelets that his daughters made for him. Too sweet! @Anastasia Bowman asks, "Anyone else notice that he’s wearing his daughters' bracelets like the ones you would make for camp?" We did and we love it! So did @Jonathan Miller, "I love the bracelets that his daughters clearly made on his wrist!" So I guess Ryan and Blake are both marriage goals and family goals. We can't wait to find out who baby number 4 is!

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