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Woman Shares the #1 Rule People Break When Joining 'Raya'

It seems like every time we turn around, there's a new dating app everyone is jumping on in hopes of meeting their best match. The latest trend hot in the dating app market is Raya, a private, membership-based social network. 

However, if you want to be in this club, you'll have to follow a few rules. In this clip, TikToker @katieyowyow exposes one important rule most likely to be broken by those new to the joint. 

It makes sense that a rule like this exists. Other apps such as Snapchat have been known to alert users when someone takes a screenshot of a photo or chat. Taking screen grabs can potentially be harmful to a user's privacy that doesn't want certain information to be shared publicly outside of the specific app. 

Viewers have thoughts on this topic as some have personal experience with the app.  Commenter @Nico Reiss says, "I used Raya for like a week and then I went back to hinge and Grindr. The dates sucked and the hookups were worse." Another commenter, didn't like the dating app either, "I hated Raya. All the men I met were a lot older or they were young but very egoistic. After the dates they always expected me to go home w them."

User @mo.hitch says, "Ok so basically you’re saying take photos with another phone of your screen." Plausible. In the video, she says, "If you want a screenshot, then just have another device ready." It almost seems as if this woman knows this workaround from experience.

They key takeaway here might be to use Raya at your own discretion. If you do decide to sign up, be careful with your information, don't talk to egotistical persons, and absolutely do not take any screen shots. 

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