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Roomates' Prank After Friend Brings a Guy Home Is Too Funny

She'll never forget this one!

We are always in for a good roommate prank, and this one from @alyssa_brynn_ does not disappoint!

It's short but sweet, and it's hilarious! The writing on the video says, "Our roommate brought a guy over, so we decided to prank her." As soon as you 'hear' how they did it, you'll laugh out loud! 

Could they have picked a more perfect song? Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get It On' was the only possible choice! Clearly the roommate is mortified, and we think what makes the video even better is Alyssa's giggle as her friend walks in.

The video has been viewed over 2 million times, has more than 328 thousand likes, and lots of hilarious comments, like this one from @caity salter, "My roommates played his high school highlights on the tv when he walked in." @Matthew Gaitin isn't wrong when he says, "Everyone needs those types of friends." @Jules makes a good point with, "I would love this, saves the awkwardness." @courtneyjames approved of the idea and told her roommate, "I'm doing this to you!" @Ken wasn't sure about the prank and said, "The way I would have acted like I walked in the wrong room."

@TheeHottieap ponted out, "He went to that room confident AF." But the funniest comment came from @MorgynLayne who thought she recognized someone, "Logan Stacey is that you?" Logan replied, "Yes LOL." We wonder what happened after the video! Did they hang out with the other roommates or go straight to the bedroom? We need an update, Logan!

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