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Woman's Account of Becoming a 'Smutty Romance Author' Is Downright Classic

As with most creative types, a thriving artist will likely have a good backstory to credit their success to. Humans, by nature, tend to be inspired by their own experiences and lessons learned in life, and this writer on TikTok is no exception. 

Author @authorskylermason shares a little bit of how she became the romance writer she is, and how her stint with purity culture drove her to write stories with an interesting plot twist. Let's just say, she knows how to make the most of a situation. 

Regardless of personal views, it's refreshing to hear the truth from someone within purity culture. We have to wonder how many other women have similar accounts on the matter, and what does that mean for the validity of purity culture as we know it? That may have to be a different discussion for a different day.  

It looks like Skyler isn't the only agent provocateur calling out the bs around purity culture. User @ouch_my_kneecap says, "Honestly? Crushing purity culture and getting the bag? Adore it." Commenter @ari.elyse.coleman adds, "Ma’am you have reached your target audience." Lastly, commenter @itssarahhawkins says, "The villain in me wants to get your book and read it in front of my VERY purity-culture-pro MIL just so she can ask about it."

This woman has used her story to produce romance novels for everyone to enjoy, and essentially, build a business off the back of her experience with purity culture. This just goes to show that inspiration can literally come from anywhere, and you can always turn your story into a success. As for her books, sign us up on all of them! 

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